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The highly processed products included in our offer and the items produced on special order are available in three categories of finishing:

“Standard” version – milled using specialized tools with standard parameters that do not allow a high level of detail in carvings. Noticeable connections are allowed between the edge of a carving and the adjoining edges and planes. It may be necessary to perform further sanding of the ornament provided by us to obtain the satisfactory level of finishing. 

“Premium” version – milled using specialized tools with high parameters that allow the highest possible level of detail in carvings, which is largely depending on the specific nature and type of the ornament. Any connections between the edge of a carving and the adjoining edges of an element are reduced or disappear.

“Exclusive” version – milled by using specialized tools with the highest parameters, selected according to the specific nature of the ornament. Processing of further manual carving of an element to give it the characteristics of a handicraft, together with precise sanding with the aim to directly prepare the ornament for the selected technique of protection.


Since '70

Kwasny Carvings company carries out projects that involve creating carved ornaments for restoration and reconstruction of historic objects, and many other projects with the use of wood. We can make an almost identical reflection of an ornament.

We work with the most reputable designers in the world. On special order we can make ornaments and high end furniture pieces for interior fit-out of Superyachts and Cruise Ships.