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Moldings (also often spelled in its British version moulding) are decorative pieces added to structural elements (such as cornices, capitals, bases, door and window jambs, etc.) Traditionally of wood, moldings can have profiles that are curved, rectilinear or a combination of the two. Molding profiles in old and historic houses, found on decorative paneling, door and window surrounds and door panels can be an indication of the period of construction for these elements.

Decorative wooden carved mouldings for decoration purpose of stylized interiors. Standard dimensions for the proposed range of products. For an additional charge, it is possible to change the dimensions depending on an individual order of the client. We also take special orders to be performed on the basis of supplied 3D models, drawings or photos.


Since '70

Kwasny Carvings company carries out projects that involve creating carved ornaments for restoration and reconstruction of historic objects, and many other projects with the use of wood. We can make an almost identical reflection of an ornament.

We work with the most reputable designers in the world. On special order we can make ornaments and high end furniture pieces for interior fit-out of Superyachts and Cruise Ships.